Dream State

By day a predator harbors gruesome thoughts that he wraps in a cloak of secrecy . . . at night he unleashes them without restraint.

How much of ourselves do we reveal to the outside world? Is it just enough to accomplish what we need to in our daily lives … domestically, socially, and professionally? Where does the rest of the human puzzle fit in – the sinister, shadowy pieces? Some of us conceal these facets so that they never see the light of day. But others express them during the chilling hours of the night. You will be captivated and mesmerized by the story of Drew, an eccentric man who by sunlight lusts for power, and by moonlight performs horrific, deadly acts. Dream State is a compelling tale that tackles human nature, reveals human longings, and exposes human vulnerabilities. Will self-absorption and personal cravings push Drew to act out as the ultimate predator? Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling adventure as you read Dream State, an absorbing novel of venomous lust.

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Order Dream State in Electronic Formats


21 Responses to “Books/Collections”

  1. Charlie Says:

    EEEEK! This book sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it! I love the dark side of the psyche!

  2. Bob Moats Says:

    Robert, I downloaded the sample EReader .pdb of your book from Smashwords and when I opened it on my EReader I found all the quote marks and apostrophes to be messed up, with strange tags. I can read it but it’s annoying. I have over 150 EReader books and none of them have this problem, even the conversions that personally I did with my books to EReader are all correct. Just wanted to pass this along, thanks, Bob.

  3. Bob Moats Says:

    Oh, and I enjoyed the preview. When I have the funds I will read the whole thing. 🙂

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  5. Brett Hayes Says:

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  6. Rico Calpin Says:

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  8. Arturo Hogstrum Says:

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