A Challenge of sorts

I was talking with a friend of mine and we were discussing whether or not I should try to publish my collection of poems. Based on something I had read from one of the self-publish houses, I would need another 8 poems to have a collection large enough to publish. One thing led to another and I said I thought I could write 8 poems before I went to bed for the day. Immediately after agreeing to this, I took a nap. An hour and a half later, I churned out six poems by 9:00pm.

There is more to the challenge, though. It had to be based on a single word, and the poem had to embody the selected word. The six poems vary in length, but I tried to cut straight to the point of my interpretation of what the word invoked for me.

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We are two,

Though still relevant.

Our growth lies,

In our closeness to one.




Pure as the driven snow.

We seek our love,

With those,

That really understand.


The covers are so cold,

Save that one spot,

Where your foot stay,

Anchoring me,

Keeping me from running astray.

Anchoring me,

With the innocence,

Knowing the warmth was,

From you relaxed.

Regardless the day,

Troubles that may,

You make me relax,

Until they melt away.

Precious sleep,

Shut out the world,

And stay.


Up with the crows,

Staring at the coffee,

Planning the next no show.

A job well done,

Used to be all that was required,

To enjoy the rising of the sun.

Politically correct,

Frustration filled,

Meeting to meeting,

Something always gets spilled,

The pace is so quick,

I have not yet become,

A master of the trick.

The trick you see,

Is to know,

The intended actions,

Of the seeds that we sow.

Forget the job,

For all it provides in truth,

Is prevention,

Of you being a slob.

Work the magic around you,

Grab what is near,

Create for you the next grandest view.


If we look deep,

Only in the places we sleep,

We will find a vast collection.

Our eyes see all,

Nothing escapes our view,

Our minds filter what it doesn’t understand,

Keeps it all stored for later review.

Our past experience tells us,

What is within reason,

Where the lines are drawn,

Defines our mental season.

We make the choice,

Where the bounds get stretched,

Truth be told its as easy,

As a dog playing fetch.

Face the unreasonable,

With love not fear,

Watch as the obstacles,

Fade to shear.


Seconds pass,

Minutes tick by,

Hours stack up,

Then bleed into days.

The stress,

Of the event,

Is not like,

Sleeping outside in a tent.

The joyousness,

Of a new meeting,

Always seem at the end

To be so fleeting.

Judge not right or wrong,

You will know them all,

Before you reach your prime,

Savor your time.


Breaking silence,

Noise from the dark,

Red eyes of evil,

Skin as rough as bark.

Calling me,

Come hither,

The sound of the voice,

Makes my courage wither.


Can’t move,

Can’t breath,

I’m drawn in smooth.

Closer I come,

To seeing the terror,

Closer I come,

To me.

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