There is change afoot,
I feel it coming,
The vibrations build,
Like guitar strumming.

Change is good,
And often so,
Is a painful event,
As we choose to grow.

We must part ways,
With prior paths,
Change out our habits,
Like the water from our baths.

Let the water wash us free,
Of the dirt and grime,
Let it stand at the bottom of the tub,
In a thick film of slime.

Stand up from the bath,
Naked and bare,
Stand to face the world,
Without a single care.

Some old habits,
Will die a slow death,
But when dead,
You can take a calm breath.

Some friends will not understand,
The change in me,
They will claim its just a part,
Of the same old dichotomy.

The blending of intent,
Is not elusive,
Thought and action,
Don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Declarations are easy,
They set the stage,
For what we are going to be,
Regardless of age.

I make the decision,
The declaration,
I want to create myself anew,
Find a new formation.

So if my actions seem out of place,
Forgive me please,
As I move to a new space.



My mind is empty,
Completely blank,
I might as well be sitting,
On a river bank.

Nothing comes,
I walk the halls of my mind,
Opening the doors,
Searching the floors,
I follow the paths that wind.

Childhood memories of when I was two,
Later years while visiting the zoo.

I see my relationships,
As I walk my mind,
Opening closet doors,
As I wind.

In the middle of my mind,
Lies a great mound,
All my lost memories,
Have finally been found.

Lying there in a heap,
I don’t know why they are there,
I see my actions of the time,
Held in place by nothing but air.

They should have been put away,
Neatly stored,
For a future day.

This mismatched heap,
Represents my understanding,
They wound up in the mound,
Because I could not reach ground.

I didn’t understand the results,
Or my actions,
So when I tried to put them away,
I kicked off a chain reaction.

Each of the closets refused to allow,
The entry of something that was not understood.

The doors closed one by one,
And seemed to communicate with each other ahead of my intent,
Forcing me to be done.

Without a place to store my memory,
It wound up lying in the mound,
To get mixed up with all the others,
To always sit there going round.

Around it would spin,
That had no space,
It spun with others,
Waiting to be faced.

I have found the mound,
And now I know,
I must be at peace or,
My mind will be blown.

Each of the memories and thoughts I have had,
That need to be put away,
I must understand.

Understand the reason,
The deeper thought,
This must be done,
If I am to be taught.


Today is different than it was,
There are fewer places to go,
People are crowding is such a small spaces,
It’s as if they know.

If we stand side by side,
There are many differences between us,
Yet we all walk together in much the same stride.

We try to separate ourselves,
To show who we are,
To prove our worth.

Some use ink,
Others use needles,
To make a statement,
To separate us from the weebles.

We each try to shock,
To make ourselves known,
To differentiate us from the flock,
Our egos must be shown.

There is a change afoot,
Of this I am sure,
We’re starting to spare the boot,
Starting to share the cure.

We practice acceptance,
To those that we know,
We accept our friends,
Like we do the snow.

Those outside our click,
They are spared,
Our wonderful acceptance,
Of which is sparingly shared.

We see the imperfect,
And that is a shame,
For the feeling of separation,
Is ours to blame.

Look outside the zone,
At the imperfection,
See the weakness,
With no need for correction.

We expect the perfect,
In those that we meet,
We do not tolerate,
Those that live on the street.

They are there my friend,
As a matter of choice,
For theirs is perfect,
And in it they rejoice.

Each of us has something to share,
It is up to us to accept,
The gift of a stranger,
Without need to reject.


Wind rustles the summer leaves,
Clearing the dust,
From my mind.

Free of grime,
I can see the freshness,
Of the color.

I think of this filter,
And how it applies,
Not only to nature,
But to my eyes.

Day to day living creates my mind’s dust,
To cloud my internal vision,
I prevent as this I must.

Stopping to listen,
To nothing at all,
Will eventually lead me to be,
As strong as the wall.

Listening to nothing at all,
Allows me to hear,
The voice of God,
Whispered in my ear.



The mechanism of your heart.

I smell the blood,
Run through your veins,
Making me hungry,
Causing me pains.

I want to feel your heat,
In stark contrast,
To my ever present cold.

I want to feel your youth,
In stark contrast,
To my ancient presence old.

To feel you,
You must agree,
To feel you,
Will set me free.

Free for a moment,
Maybe two,
Before my hunger makes me,
Replace you.

I will bring you such pleasure,
There will be no pain,
I will suckle at your breast,
Just to stay sane.

I love the feeling that is you,
That feeling of life,
Robbed from me so long ago.

I stay in the dark,
To hide my ghastly mark,
The truth of me my friend,
Is unbelievably stark.

My teeth will sink,
Into your lovely flesh,
Starkly marking you,
To spend forever in the dark.


The window slammed shut,
It did so with a thunk,
It seemed really loud,
It must be cause I’m drunk.

I drink my drink,
So I don’t have to think.

The troubles of the day,
Compound on each other,
Till everything is grey.

The red blood of anger,
The blue of my mood,
The white hot rage,
Make me wish that I could.

I get tired of dreaming,
Only to be let down,
Its like the winter of my youth,
Everything is brown.

I drink my drink,
So I don’t have to think.

I will stop tomorrow,
For it never comes,
I will cleanse my pallet,
I’ll say no to the rums.

No to the drink,
That numbs me inside,
I’ll live life on its terms,
I’ll enjoy the ride.


Genetic instruction
Keeps us alive.

Making our heart beat,
Our lungs breath.

We do these things on automatic,
Never having to think,
Our brains figured out long ago,
That there is a link.

A link that can be trained,
To reduce the things,
That prevent us from feeling,
The joy the soul brings.

We can train this link,
For right or wrong,
We can train this link,
Just like singing a song.

Make the same choice,
Set into action,
The perfect choice,
Reduce the reaction.

Reaction happens,
With the sound of a thunk,
Reaction happens,
Just like when you’re drunk.

Train your brain,
To make the same choice,
Train your brain to remove the strain.

Stop yourself
And ask why,
Ask yourself,
For others will lie.

Stop yourself,
This must be learnt,
Ask yourself,
Before you get burnt.

Make the same choice,
Set into action,
The perfect choice,
Is not a reaction.