Terrific Thursday

Fake it till you make it…

It’s an old adage I know. One that I was introduced to a long time ago by my mother and her crew of cronies. I was reminded of this saying a few minutes ago by my mother in law.

Phone rings…

“Good Morning” I answer

“How are you?” she asks


“When have you not been perfect.”

“It’s been a while.”

“You know Bob with a little help from a professional you maybe able to get past this lack of confidence you’re suffering,” she throws at me.

“I know, I’ve sought professional help in the past,” I say playing along.

“Bull shit,” she says, “you could give seminars on how to be more confident.”

Truth be told that’s not really true. I carry with me everywhere I go a belief that only I control how I see a situation. And only I can determine if it is right or wrong. 99% of the time i choose to see the perfection in all I encounter. It has helped me get over my fear and trepidation of talking to the guy in the wheelchair, or spending that two minutes talking to the homeless person on the street. That belief has helped me get through more tough times than I care to discuss, and truly enjoy at a new level the wonderful things my life has brought to me.

All that said, I also carry that 1% with me, those doubts of my own abilities. The constant internal checks to make sure I have done the right thing based on my definitions. And as a writer there is the constant need to be validated.

It is those times that I fake it. More than one person has asked me how I can say that I am perfect, and more than once I have had to say in all honesty that “It’s my lie, I’ll tell it as often as I want.”

So, if you find yourself doubting you, try faking it. You may find that the little lie you tell yourself will get you over the hump and out of the funk you have allowed to creep in.

Wishing for you all exactly what you want for yourself.

Robert E.