Wednesday Wamblings

I felt a little Elmer Fudd-ish when I sat to white this, hence the post title.

So nothing of the creative bent thins evening. more of a reflection.

Its quickly turning to fall most everywhere, or most everywhere that is close to sea level, and not Canada. The time for cool evenings and conversations by the fire with those that matter to us the most. I sit here this evening reflecting on a more simple time, one where family was the second most important thing to most anyone that was asked. The debate for number one has raged for millennia and will continue on long after I have left this fine world. God or Money. I leave it at that.

The world we live is is chock full of disassociated family due to the job market, or this reason or that. I purposefully left my family home at 18 to see what the rest of the world held. That’s just me. In the decades I have been running around, I have seen more than I could ever describe in this forum. Thankfully not that much bad.

Many of us today pick what we choose to call our families. We find them in meeting halls, conference rooms, or the occasional bar. We are bound together by a common thread, the desire to belong. Though we may not choose to stay on the family estate or live in the same town as those that raised us, we still want something to belong to. We gather in churches, temples, coffee shops and book stores; each of us looking to connect.

The connection doesn’t have to be deep initially, let’s face it, not everyone is destined to be liked. But that connection is found in belief systems, favorite brews, or genres. We rally round the unfortunate when we take the time to notice their existence. We raise money for those in need. We belong, we have a cause.

I am fortunate to belong. I have connected, or so I choose to believe I have, and my life is better for it. The endless days of worrying about this or that, paying attention to only what matters to me have left me. To me, now, there is greater good for me when I take the time to focus my energy on something other than the overly active narcissist that lives in my head.

Thanks for reading, and allowing me to “connect”.



Robert E

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