Torrential Tuesday

The last time I posted I wrote a lil’ prose about main character development using an interview technique.

The result came back that I didn’t like the way the guy was turning out. So, I now need to start again.

But before I do, let me tell ya’ll what I wanted him to be and how he was turning out.

I wanted a mysterious guy right, someone that seemed to be above the rules. That one special person that was free to act out in any way his twisted lil’ soul could imagine. What I got was a pompous ass that did nothing more than talk down to me.

I wanted a killer that killed because he liked it, one that was smart enough to get away with it because of his mental capacity to:

Not give a shit about the human condition

Know more than those that pursued him

Play a game of cat and mouse.

What showed up was this…  well…  thing that was hell bent on teaching me a lesson. He wanted to get all metaphysical on me, and even went so far as to bring his father to the interview. Yeah I know right… Like he’s 12 or some shit. Then the asshole introduces his dad as God. That was the end of my character. I didn’t type another word of the interview.

It’s not all the characters fault though, I had been toying with a couple ideas based on some reading I had done about a decade ago. Right now isn’t the time for me to write that guy though, as I don’t fully understand the story I was trying to tell with him. It’s still there and I may bring him back to the front, only at a later time.

There are a hell of a lot of words there to get to this simple morale. Try out a lot of ideas, mash-up a bunch of shit you’ve collected through the years of your experience. Sooner or later you will catch a thread that is worth pulling on and one that gets more interesting the more words you add to it.

At least I hope so.

So for now, happy writing, and much love… 



Robert E


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