I’ma rant for awhile

I’ve been a casual observer of what happens to the citizens of the USA. Please don’t be offended by this post if you’re not an American, I have no ill will toward you or your country, just my own.

There are three things I wish to touch on in this post. Pollution, Globalization, and Wall Street.

Before I begin I will provide a disclaimer to the pundits that may or may not read this. Not that I think I am important enough for anyone in the mainstream to read this, but let’s be real, this is the flippin’ internet, anything is possible.

I have no training in any of the topics I am about to rant on about, these are merely my opinions. They are not endorsed by my blog host, my employer, my wife, or even my dogs. As they are only opinions, leave yours if you see fit, if not, well that’s cool too.


Ok We dicked the dog here for awhile with the rampant discharge of harming chemicals into surface streams or in the vicinity of aquifers. Sure, dumping trash in empty fields is a tragedy to nature and definitely needed to end. But there is more to pollution that harmful chemicals, or trash. There is noise, and light. In today’s world getting away from noise pollution is a tough one I understand, but I wont exchange the sound of a highly tuned, open throated V8 for chirping birds, just me though. I can live with some noise, hell I’ve already got nerve damage from too much loud music. Light pollution, really it exists, is another story. Gone are the days I could walk outside and see the full spectrum of stars available in the heavens. The last time I saw a sky full of stars was 2005, when I had pulled our camper for three hours north of Atlanta to the top of a mountain. It was breathtaking. Light pollution occurs when non focused light is used to illuminate a target. Take a parking lot for instance, or a baseball field. When the lights are on the sky takes on a drab grey tone. No Stars. its just sad.

Back to the point. do you want to do something about pollution, or the quality of the air, or the carbon monoxide problem. PLANT A TREE. Trees exchange carbon monoxide for oxygen, natures very own filtration system. Have you noticed the miles and miles of interstates with a 20 yard strip of grass between lanes. Perfect place for trees. Oh and a side benefit to the state, they don’t have to MOW trees. Thus reducing costs to maintain public thoroughfares. Miles and miles of trees providing shade to aid in the reduction of stored heat, this reducing the surface heat retention, allowing a more natural regulation of temperatures. I know that from the main road to my house to my drive way there is a 1 or 2 degree difference most any day of the week regardless of season.

There are a ton of smart people in America that could even figure out how to intelligently harvest those trees to provide renewable building supplies, there again adding a cash crop to the states revenue stream. But hey, I can only pull on one thread for so long.


Does this make sense to anyone? Really? I want differences, diversity. I want to be able to be comfortable where I live and experience the DIFFERENCE when I go someplace. I don’t want to live in Georgia then go to the Caribbean on vacation to be assaulted with a McDonalds on every fucking corner. I want to eat jerk chicken from a road side vendor or BBQ chicken cooked over palm wood.


This is the one that pisses me off more than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, we need wall street, what we don’t need is a bunch of guys running around in suits selling off our companies to the highest bidder all in the name of cutting costs. General Motors, once the giant, the pride of the American Industrial Revolution, sold its soul because we had our collective asses handed to us by other countries that had a better vision of manufacturing. Rather than learn the lessons, we sold out, its easier to buy it from across the border. Really, WTF. We mine the materials in the US, truck it to a port, put it on a ship bound for somewhere else, let them convert it to usable whatever, then they build something out of it, and ship it back where it is picked up by a truck and distributed across the country. How the fuck can that be cheaper?

Oh, wait. It’s because there are not pesky rules about pollution in some of the places we ship our raw materials. Oh yeah and remember the REASON the unions were first started, so that everyone could have a safe, equitable, and fair place of employment. Yeah, how well do you like the shoes you are wearing that were probably made by a teenager working 12 hours a day for very little pay?

Wall street was the beginning of the end for the American worker. They drove company presidents, CEO’s and Boards of Directors to make cost cutting decisions simply to improve the bottom line, and increase the EPS (earnings per share). So redundant tasks like call centers started looking for cheap labor to answer the phone when it rang. The best that companies got was that no one called the call center because no one could understand the person that answered the damn phone. If I can’t understand the person that answers, I do the right thing and hang up. I have the internet and most of what I need I can find there. Lets face it, those folks answering the phone, even when it is understandable know less about the product than you do since all they are doing is reading from a script.

America today with few exceptions makes very little within our own borders. Sure we reap the benefit of the GM’s of the world by the taxes they pay, MAYBE. With the bailouts of late I am not sure we will see tax revenue from the giants anytime this decade or even next, but again I point out these are opinions and I have no empirical evidence that supports one view or another.

Here is what I am doing about the three things i ranted on about in this post. Because another thing that pisses me off is people bitching and not acting. Though I am not a huge fan of the incredibly talented late Michael Jackson, I am starting with the man in the mirror.

I own an acre of land that is predominantly aged hardwood trees. I have thinned out the underbrush to allow the stronger tress to thrive. I will be planting more as nature takes it course and some die off or are damaged by nature.

As for globalization, I’m starting to read where products are manufactured, and when i have an option I will pay a little more for an American made item before I buy one from offshore.

Thanks for reading.


Robert E. 


6 Responses to “I’ma rant for awhile”

  1. Camelia Says:

    Hi Robert.
    An interesting rant there. I dont think US has the monopoly on being ‘Sell Outs’ not by any means NZ recently closed doors on a couple of our own Kiwi companies. Production proving more affordable elsewhere. The western world seems to find this the best way to stay viable. (I honestly dont get into anything much I just watch) Im interested though to see how we manage over the next 10 yrs.
    Environment: I love nature and having not been anywhere I have no real knowledge of the state of such in USA. NZ have a Green reptutation and we are doing very well to keep some Greenspaces within our forever expanding suburban sprawl… We also have protected forests as well as individuals who put covenants on pieces of their own land so that it cannot be raped by future buyers… It is an awesome thing you are doing… I would do similar if I was in a position to…
    Globalisation: hmm one of many things Ive little experience of… We did have a town rally round to stop a Mc Donalds I believe, being built. They won to I think. I know if I were to go to Asia I may be disappointed if I could only taste western food. But Id hope I find some authentic cuisine somewhere…
    I think USA has given alot to the world even if it is mostly superficial glam and fastfood. Id not want to have been without the experience of those things. Our societies have become intertwined Twitter is evident of that. Maybe we are whittling down ancient culture. But I think we are also building a new one that may just suit everyone… Well you sort of know how I think, I guess I could be classed an idealist? I am looking forward to seeing societys evolution…
    Great Rant!
    Camelia =)

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    Fortunately we are still free to rant in this country. I concur. Just think we would have to lower taxes if people used their common sense more often 🙂

  3. Dave Says:


    This is dchamp from Twitter.
    Did you accidentally block em for some reason??


  4. moondustwriter Says:

    came back to visit your site. Love the way your mind thinks and then the way your hand translates…

  5. Matt Says:

    Hey Bob, it’s Southwell. Thought I’d take a moment to support your statements about Wall Street and jobs going overseas… I’m proud to say I’m working at a call center here in America, and frankly, several of our callers are completely thrown off by my (lack of) accent. Lucky for them (and my finances), this company values quality over cost.

    I blame extremist capitalism for the trend of shipping jobs elsewhere for the sake of cost… Capitalism demands that in order to compete, we have to produce either better goods or cheaper goods. If a company can’t come up with a way to make things better, they’ll just do the same thing for cheaper, sacrificing their product quality, workplace safety, employee wages, etc in the process. We need more innovation in business, and in order to get this country out of the hole we’ve dug (not calling it a grave just yet), that innovation has to come from America.

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