01/08/10 ~ An Amazing Life

I have posted a similar topic in the past, but really want to do it again.

I was sitting at my desk this morning trying to setup my latest cell phone. They are such a PITA when you first get them. The numbers had to be transferred (thank God for Bluetooth), all the ringtones, and the assorted customizations, etc. After completing the setup I was doing one of the forty three thousand daily twitter checks when the newly setup phone rang.

I looked at the caller ID and it was a guy I had not heard from since June of last year. Out of the clear blue, there he was. I answered it and it was as if we had talked just yesterday. We talked about his life, where he was and what he was doing, then the same for me. We wound through the tribulations since we had last talked, and found that all was exactly as it was supposed to be. It was a great conversation complete with all the brotherly acceptance I had grown to know from this man through the years.

This evening I have been writing, more appropriately, talking to my computer in the hopes of busting through 20,000 words on my current WIP. I checked on twitter a couple of times to see where I was on the follower count and what I had missed tweet wise in the time TweetDeck was turned off. I responded to a few, RT’ed some, and sent out my plea for 11 followers. At that point I was at 989 so I needed 11 to bust 1000, which I consider to be a significant milestone.

The RT’s were amazing, and the new followers are all awesome people/businesses or bots, I am sure. And I hope to learn more from each of them (except maybe the bot from the strip club in Houston, not sure there is much more to learn about clubs at this late stage of life).

Whats the point of the ramble?

Honestly, I’m not sure any more because this post seems to have taken a direction of its own. I started it out to say that I am one blessed man. That when I look back to the beginning, the socio-economic position I was raised in, the area of the country, and all the other external factors, I am well blessed.

The current phase of my life has lead me to meet more than my share of accepting, supporting, and caring people. I have more great people in my life now than I have ever deserved, and I am thankful.

So if we never share tweets, talk via email, or meet face to face, I am thankful for each and every person that has chosen to at least witness the ride I am on. You are all very amazing people and precious in your own ways.

Thank You.


Robert E.





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