01/03/10 ~ Bobland 101

Twitter asks for a location when you activate your profile, right. The night I completed mine I flippantly put Bobland as the place I was located. At the time I thought, “this is all new, and I don’t know how much info I want to put into cyberspace.’

Yeah right, so naïve I was then.

Everyone that follows me knows I am from the metro Atlanta area, no shock there. They also know that my day job is process consulting for an IT firm. I’m married, one grown child that reminds me damn near daily that he’s a ‘Growed Ass Man, so I’m gonna do what I whant’ (no typo’s there, that’s how he says it)

So there I was saying good morning to everyone this morning, when Alabama author @BobKuykendall said he was jealous, because I lived in Bobland. It not being an exclusive of mine I sent him back an invitation to join me. Then, I thought about it and decided he, as well as anyone else that chooses to claim it, should get a bit of an intro into how Bobland operates.

There are really only two rules here that have to be followed, and all of the real life folks that hang out here know them well. They are:
Have respect for one another and be honest. That’s it.

So there are the rules, so what are the benefits of moving over, turning to the dark side, you may ask. Great question.

Bobland is a state of mind that I created, well named, after I had done extensive reading from the Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch. I was given the first book at a time when I was coming to the end of my acquisition phase of life. I had accomplished everything I had ever set as a goal for myself by the ripe old age of 37. That fucked with my head for the longest time.

According to Walsch, (and the Bible if you read it) we are the embodiment of God, created in his likeness and image, and our reason for being here was to experience all there is to experience (wait for it) based on the choices we make. Further, Walsch explains that we have the same power of creation that God has.

Ok, I thought, that one is a bit much.

But I read more, studied more of the concept, set aside my Catholicism background, and did more research. The concept is that if you believe something the something will be made manifest in your reality. I used believe here purposefully, the correct word is know, but that may just be a matter of semantics. That was too good to be true, I thought, anything, really. That one took awhile to get my hands around, and after much cranial fornication, I came to understand what that meant.

I can have anything my sick, twisted little mind can conjure, and so can anyone else. Its just making the choice, with a fervent belief that what you are asking for will be delivered.

Spoiler alert

It’s all about the thought you have about the thought of the thing you want.

That one took me by complete surprise. I can’t just think something, and wa-la there it is. Nope, I discovered through experimentation and reflection. I can’t say I want a million bucks, cause all I’m gonna get is more wanting of the million bucks. I got exactly what I asked for.

This is a very long winded description of the little sphere of influence that I carry with me where ever I go. But the point being, in Bobland all things are possible, from the parking space at the front of the lot to a green light run up a busy highway and including becoming a published author.

It’s a cool place for me and mine and I now send out an open invitation to any that would like a trial residency. I say trial because after a bit, you will want your own version, your very own personal, always available, perfect life.

Welcome Friends, let the experiments and sharing begin.

Robert E.



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