The unthinkable has happened

I have been on a search for a while for that one specific twitter application that would make automated tweeting EASY. Something I could control, that would live right on my own computer and not be on some server farm somewhere out of my control.

You guessed it, I’m a bit of a control freak.

I looked at every tool Google would return to me, and finally got disgusted. So I dusted off my programming hat, put it on backwards, and went to work. Jesus, its been a long time since I coded anything, and the tools have changed significantly since the days I was coding.

I worked at it, played, had a little fun, then got disgusted. Not with the concept, but with myself for forgetting so much. I reached out to a friend, he had nothing. Talked to another guy and he wanted a design spec. Fuck, its not that hard I kept saying.

So I gave it another go, and got it to do all I wanted it to do in the way I wanted it to do it. I loaded up a bunch of messages, turned off the actually posting to twitter, and let it run through its paces for 12 hours to make sure it wouldn’t crash the machine I wanted to run it on. Everything worked as expected, no glitches, no crashes.

I thought I was good to go. So I added back in the goods to make the post to twitter, but used a bad password to keep it from sending a bunch of test trash to twitter.

Then set the timer to delay for 5 seconds and send the next message. Tested again.

Guess what… Twitter does not like multiple login attempts with bad passwords in a given timeframe.

So here I am sitting at my desk completely cut out of twitter.

I wont know what the latest from @sueannesjewlry is, or how @jesusWife is getting along amongst us mortals. Nor can I keep up with @ceebee308 to see the rocket ride he is on to a million followers. Gone is my ability to get the ever caring tweets from @WinslowEliot, or find out the latest intelligence coming from down under and @lukeromyn.

What the hell am I going to do for another 45 minutes.


Robert E



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