12/28/09 – Scene Development

I have seen a lot written about scene development from numerous authors. If you have been fortunate enough to have attained an education in writing or taken creative writing classes, I recommend that you review again the lessons taught there.

What I write here is my process and like everything else I do, it is my own, and could be viewed as a blasphemous method to the purest.

That said here is how I do it.

First I have to have a reason for the scene. I generally sit down and draw out a rough outline for how the story should flow. The high points nothing more. As I write in the general direction of the outline I develop the scenes my characters will live in.

In my current WIP, I needed a place for my MC to start showing off some of his talents. I chose to create a club scene in NYC for him to stretch his legs, find out all he was capable of.

Once the scene location was set, I started drawing off personal experiences to set the specifics. Though I have never been to a club in NYC, I have been to a club, I have witnessed first hand the effects of alcohol and drugs on humans packed into small spaces. Lifting my own experience and shifting into my characters world works well for me.

As you think about your scene, don’t underestimate your own experiences. You can draw from the vast amount of living you have done, change the names or situations to disguise any possible secrets getting out, and wa-la you have a scene that is believable by your readers.

This method obviously will not work if you are creating fantasy or sci-fi, unless of course your meds are better than mine.

Wishing you all productive writing and a Happy New Year.

Robert E




3 Responses to “12/28/09 – Scene Development”

  1. Kimberly Loomis Says:


    Great post! I too blend imagination with real life experiences when working on scenes and experiences for my main characters. I also find, when all else fails, researching via the internet can also provide valuable fuel- if nothing else it helps with visual cues. 😉 Thanks for sharing. [Love your sense of humor!]


    • Robert Crull Says:

      Thank you Kimberly. I appreciate your comments. The internet does provide me with snippets that I use to embellish (more accurately, check my own bullshit) yo make scenes more accurate. Thanks for that reminder.

      Have a great New Year.

      Robert E

  2. David C. Says:

    Hi, good day. Outstanding publish. You will have gained a new subscriber. Pleasee keep going this great work as well as I look forward to more of your good blogs.

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