Drew Sovern and Friend Interview

I conducted a bit of an interview with Drew Sovern a couple weeks ago and thought you all might be interested in reading the results of that session.

Robert Crull:    Good evening Drew.

Drew Sovern:    Good evening, I see you are well.

RC:    Yeah thanks. I would like to talk to you about Melinda Dodge Drew, will you tell me about her.

DS:    Ah yes, Melinda, number one. She was so beautiful.

RC:    I thought as much.

DS:    I had this major crush on her from the time I first saw her in middle school. She was pretty popular, so I kept my distance at the time. That night she came to see me was the beginning of a dream for me.

RC:    Tell me about the night

DS:    It was an amazing night. My dad had been pissing me off to no end and I was determined to live my life. Out of frustration, I went for a late night bike ride to the small park in the middle of town. I was sitting there on the picnic table when she walked up. I could barely speak I was so stunned.

RC:    If you had all these feelings of attraction for her what happened to make you do what you did?

[Drew tilts his head to the side and looks to the ceiling on his right]

DS:    To this day, I don’t really know why.

DS(alter ego):    Do you really want to know?

RC:    Yes I really do.

DS:    Can I not do a simple interview without you budging your way in, trying to control it all?

DS(alter ego):    Apparently not or I wouldn’t be here you putz.

RC:    Do the two of you need to be alone?

DS(alter ego):    I’m ready if the idiot would shut up.

RC:    Drew, are you ready for your friend to tell me the story.

DS:    Go ahead, he won’t leave me alone anyway.

RC:     Alright then, what happened that night.

DS(alter ego):    It’s simple really. She made Drew feel things he had never felt before and he was not capable of dealing with it. He was too immature, too childish to know how that all was supposed to end. So I helped him out. I took away from him the humanity he would have shown her at the moment she bit him.

RC:    But it was just teasing, teenage making out. Why did you step in?

DS(alter ego):    If he had not retaliated he would have wound up being the same pussy whipped man his father had become. He would have traded his sack for a purse to carry his testicles in. There was no way I would allow him to fall into that trap. If I had not taken over, he would have spent his years as a gelding wondering the field eating grass. Such a waste.

RC:    Very harsh words, Drew what do you think?

There is truth in those words, unfortunately. I have come to realize that my friend is normally right, and is so in this situation. That night I learned of what I was really capable of, how far I could go to get what I wanted, what we needed. Had it not been for Melinda and the events of that night, I would not be the man I am today.

RC:    Thanks to you both for coming in today. I appreciate it and I am sure my readers will enjoy a look into the inner workings of Drew. Thank you again.

Drew, and his friend can be further explored in Dream State available now at http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/DreamState.html




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