Once in a lifetime offer

Hello all…

As I reported in the last blog post, AEG is getting ready to fire up the marketing engine and have I got an offer for all of you. OK, in all honesty, it’s more for me than it is for you, but it’s a good offer nonetheless.

I need to collect a minimum 200 email addresses from willing participants (that’s you) so my first press release won’t cost me anything. Should you choose to provide your email addy, it will be kept by the publisher on a secure server, will not be resold, given, loaned, or otherwise used for anything other that information regarding the release of “Dream State”.

So here’s the once in a lifetime offer.

At ZERO dollar cost, just your email address, you will be part of history. The release you get can be printed, framed, sold on eBay to the highest bidder, used as wall or toilet paper, or any other use for the notice you can think of. If the book is a hit, you will be one of the first. If its not a hit, well you get laughing rights.

Either way its a value.

If you want to participate please send me your first and last name with your email address to bobcrull@gmail.com

Thanks all.

Robert E


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