I was about to get in the shower earlier this afternoon, and thought about taking a very simple thing, a haircut, and turn it into a little poem. Unlike many of my poems this one has no revelation at the end, I wanted to see if I could do it.

Your comments below will be my proof if you chose to play along in this little game.

If so Thank you, If not, Thanks for considering it.

Robert E



Twistable ,

Looking Frantic,
Almost like Einstein,
Out of control,
Wild with Idea.

Grab the clipper,
Run it across my head,
Shave it as close as a zipper.

Paint brush will work,
To remove the clippings,
Just an example,
Of a garage hair cut perk.

To the shower,
Soap to the scalp,
Water flows like rain.

Squeaky clean,
But for the stubble,
Just a little gel,
And that too,
Will be rubble.

No more twisting,
I’ll just have to settle,
To rub the five o’clock shadow.


2 Responses to “Haircut”

  1. Claude Says:

    Ok… So now you look like Luke?!! 🙂

    Good stuff Bob and you’re a brave man to shave your head in order to get a poem out! That is what I can a dedicated writer!

  2. Winslow Says:

    Lovely – felt I was right there with you, watching. Now I just can’t wait for the picture. 🙂

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