Dream State Update v2

As I suspected, Chaz did not disappoint. He finished up with the first ten chapters and sent it along to me. The comments and edits he performed took what I thought was a good start and turned it into one good looking pig with fresh coat of lipstick.

My thanks to Dave and Sheila for the hours of conversation and an absolutley awesome meeting to discuss potential holes in the text. (Wait for it!!! It’s coming!)
I think the new cover from Bobby with the three tiny changes I asked for is going to be an amazing impression maker.
To those of my friends that I have forced a copy of the draft versions on: Please follow the link to my facebook page and write on the wall a couple of sentence review. I want for all of you to be able to participate in this ride, so I will be asking you for two more favors. 1) I would like to include short comments from all that post on the jacket cover of the book, or included in the preface to the text. 2) Please pass your copy of the pdf file along to others that may enjoy it, and ask them to be a friend on facebook and a follower on twitter.
There will ne more later I am sure.
Thanks for riding along.

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