I am here,
You are there.

There is a space between,
You and I,
That is as natural,
As the expanse of the sky.

Fly high,
Reach the height,
As high as you can,
Free of fright.

We stand together,
But separate,
To see each others view,
Often makes us desperate.

Desperate for compassion,
Desperate for love,
Desperate to connect.

I will stand before you,
Free of my ego,
And encourage you to explore me,
Like the discoverer Amerigo.

Find in me the things you seek,
Take as long as you need,
Find in me the similarities,
Other than our ability to bleed.

I want for you,
The same,
Our blending together,
Should be without shame.

Stand before me,
Naked and bare,
Stand before me,
With loving care.

I will find in you,
The things I miss about me,
I will find in you,
Such wondrous glee.

The space between,
Simply is not,
The illusion itself,
Should always be fought.


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