I awake in the night,
Too afraid to weep.

Standing above me,
Covered in black,
Is the face of the reaper,
Come to take me back.

His eyes glow red,
His fangs drip drool,
I can not move I think,
I am such a fool.

His whisper is soft,
His intent well known,
I am too young to die,
My mind is blown.

I lay there in fear,
And wish with all my might,
That the reaper made a mistake,
That this can’t be right.

He leaned down closer,
To get a good stare,
He looked me in the eyes,
I thought that life is unfair.

From the living room,
I hear a quite chant,
The reaper heard it too,
And began to rant.

In the room you see,
Was a woman so frail,
You would think she was,
As old as the grail.

She told him to go,
To leave this place,
Do not return here,
No welcome in this space.

The reaper cried in pain,
As though he’d met his match,
I heard the bedroom door go closed,
With the cinching of the latch.

The reaper is strong,
Of this there is no doubt,
True love is the only way,
To keep the reaper out.


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