I awake in the morning,
Ready for the day,
Seeing you lie there all ready for me,
I really just wish that you would stay.

Stay where you are,
Right where I left you.

You bring me peace,
You bring me calm,
Your taste to me is like a balm.

I turn to you in times of stress,
Times of loneliness.
Your calm washes over me.

My friend are killing me.

Each time that I reach for you,
I loose a part of me.
I loose my ability to cope,
To understand.

Yours is an addiction beyond compare.

You fix my heart in times of despair.

I love your calmness,
Your accepting.

I hate your ability to make me crazy
In your absence.

One day I will win,
I will throw you away.
Placing you in the ashes, At the end of the day.


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